Do you need online promotions for driving direct sales?

Learn the detail of 3 types of digital promotions for getting more sales (with examples)

If it frustrates you to run marketing actions without getting direct results...

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'3 types of Promotions for Direct Results'


It will give you the detail of up to 3 types of promotional mechanics that are specifically designed to achieve direct sales, among other benefits.

You will learn everything you need to choose promotions that give you direct results:

  • The mechanics of the 3 types of online promotions:
    • 'Buy & Try' promotions
    •  'Cashback' promotions
    •  'Gift' promotions
  • Concrete benefits of each of these types of online promotions

  • How to choose between them:
    • Detail of specific situations to apply
    • Examples of each one we have done for clients such as TomTom, Kärcher or Lenovo.


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