1:1 conversations with our team members, including our CEO, that will make you think about your B2B potential. 1:1 workshops are limited to two per month and have no cost. Find out if you qualify. See eligibility requirements here.

[Eligibility requirements]

  1. You must be a CXO level executive of a multinational company with a B2B or B2B2C market.
  2. Your company must sell at least in 2 different European countries and have a global annual revenue of at least 100 Mio EUR.

[How do our workshops work]

Our 1:1 workshops work as follows.

Before the workshop:

You will be asked to spend 5 minutes filling a form, which we’ll use to prepare it.


During the workshop:

We will have a 40-minute conversation on THE problem that you will have mentioned in the preparation form. The way the conversation flows is that we will come with a number of questions that will open your thoughts and explore potential solutions for your problem. If available, we will also bring some success stories and some trend data so that we can frame and help the conversation.


After the workshop:

We will send you a recap by e-mail with key recommendations.



Contact us to know more: